Sunday's Schedule


1am - 2am Into The Unknown "Revisited" - Dave Horrocks

    2am - 3am Mix Master Precise's Drummers Paradise!       

9am - 10am Pete manning Before Brunch!

 10am - 12pm Slot Available - You could be here!

12pm - 1pm Sunday Afternoons With Don Curtis.

1pm - 3pm The Sunday Lunch with Aaron Wheeler.

  3pm - 4pm  Classics We Love - Rod Hardisty

4pm - 5pm Slot Available - You could be here!

5pm - 6pm  Mix Master Precise's Fun House!

    6pm - 7pm The Joshua Moore Show!

7pm - 8pm Dave Horrock's Music Mix! 

8pm - 10pm The Rod Swendener Show

10pm - 12am Diane's Vinyl Vaults.

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